Fritz & Chessster - The magnetic mini chess game for on the go

Fritz & Ready is a cult. The award-winning chess learning programs for children have won the hearts of all lovers of the Königg game for years! Everything is just right here: No matter which episode - they are always child-friendly, funny and didactically of high quality.

This practical collapsible game has magnetically adhering flat figures with motifs of the popular characters from Fritz & Ready. If you have to interrupt a game and close the game, the game position is retained for later continuation.

Fritz & Ready ensures unadulterated fun and enthusiasm for chess. The series has received multiple awards and is popular with children, parents, grandparents and teachers alike.

Chess is good for children!

It promotes ...

  • Concentration and creativity
  • Finding a plan and setting goals
  • Strategic thinking
  • Social behavior
  • Age recommendation: from 6 years
  • Design: Jörg Hilber


  • Weight: 120 g
  • Width: 15,7 cm
  • Height: 8 mm
  • Length: 84 mm
  • Field square: 16 mm
  • Board Size: 13,1 cm
  • Board Property: foldable, letters, magnetic
  • Light Squares: light green
  • Dark Squares: green
  • Material Board: plastic
  • Light Pieces: white
  • Dark Pieces : rose
  • Material: cardboard
Fritz & Chesster Magnetic Travel Chess

Fabrikant / Manufacturer: Fritz & Fertig
Type: Chess Set