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Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! - 1A - Queen’s Gambit Accepted & Minors

Creating a repertoire with 1.d4 in the year 2021 is an immensely difficult task. There is a huge amount of information spreading around at lightning speed, and White’s chances for an advantage become slimmer and slimmer due to the opening analysis offered by rapidly improving engines. Nowadays, everything depends on small details which are hard for the authors to discover and subsequently explain to the chess public, and this is the reason you will often see at chess stores many books offering a repertoire for Black but very few doing the same for White. It is simply much more difficult to find a new path for White than in the past, as the machine will provide almost always a way to equality, whereas with Black you only need to reach a draw without necessarily being creative, as that is the nature of things. Additionally, praxis and theory have shown that in most openings there is more than one way for Black to equalize, a fact that considerably helps an author who creates a rep- ertoire for Black and conversely renders extremely arduous the respective task of building a White repertoire.

Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! - 1B – Queen’s Gambit Accepted

What you are holding in your hands is the natura! follow up of Volume 1 where some "lesser'' openings after 1.d4 ds 2.c4 were examined, as well as a couple of less popular variations of the Queen's Gambit Accepted. Tuis second Volume comprises all of the established main lines of the QGA after our recommended 3.e4 with the intention of giving you a full picture of this topica! opening while helping you build a repertoire based on aggressive ideas.
Objectively speaking, it is very hard for White to find an advantage in the event of the absolute main lines 3.)f:Jf6 and 3 ... e5, hut we believe we have done our duty. We scrutinized multiple interesting variations with the help of engines while applying our human understanding to select those lines that would be the most unpleasant for Black.

Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! - 1A +1B

Auteur / Author: V.Kotronias/M.Ivanov
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2021+2022
Type: 2x Paperback