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With 81 LEDs for move display, The King software, adaptive levels & Chess960. Play online via ChessLink module. The new The King COMPETITION contains the legendary chess program The King by Johan de Koning. With its modern design in a robust 17.2 x 17.2 inches plastic case, it is perfect for playing at home. The chessboard offers comfortable playing fun with 81 LEDs for move indication and smooth pressure sensor technology. With The King COMPETITION you can play either classic chess or the popular Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) variant according to the official FIDE rules.

The device offers 4 adaptive game levels that flexibly adjust to your abilities. On the entry level "Games & Victories" even chess novices have fun playing with the computer, here it is easy to defeat. In addition, there are the ELO levels, where you get an approximate estimate of your own rating. Up to 9 games can be saved. The division of the menu system into a comfort and an expert mode is helpful to easily find your way around the extensive feature set. Another feature: the brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted perfectly to the ambient brightness in several steps.

Play Chess Online

Using the optional ChessLink module (not included) you can connect the unit with your smartphone or tablet-computer and with free apps you can play online on Lichess and For professional tournaments, you can use the platform. You play directly on the board - against millions of people around the world! Your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board. Enjoy real gaming experience and concentration while playing online like never before.

Set includes

  • Mains adaptor 9V with changeable plugs for EU, UK US and AUS
  • Premium chessmen, weignted, two queens per color, bag for the chessmen.
  • Cable for connection with optional ChessLink module


Fabrikant / Manufacturer: Millennium
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: Schaakcomputer