"A Comprehensive Record with 1,508 Tournament Crosstables and 205 Match Scores, with Sources"

This reference work continues a comprehensive series chronicling men’s chess competitions. Listed in this volume are the results of chess competitions from all over the world—including individual and team matches—from 1981 through 1985. Entries record location and, when available, the group that sponsored the event. First and last names of players are included whenever possible and are standardized for easy reference. Compiled from contemporary sources such as newspapers, periodicals, tournament records and match books, this work contains 1,508 tournament crosstables and 205 match scores, and is indexed by events and by players.

Gino Di Felice is the author of numerous reference books on chess. He works in the food industry and lives in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Teramo, Italy.

Chess Results, 1981–1985

Auteur / Author: Gino Di Felice
Pagina's / Pages: 894
Uitgever / Publisher: McFarland
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: Paperback