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The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White - Volume 1

This book is about the Nimzo-lndian Classica! line 4.Qc2 (also known as the Capablanca Variation} and the 4.Bd2-line, for which basically I could not find an established name. 

As far as I know, the 4.Bd2 line has never been covered in such a comprehensive way in any book before. In the text I suggest that this line should have the combined name of Tartakower-Duchamp line because Saviellly Tartakower played it often, while to my surprise Marcel Duchamp (who was also a famous French artist} played it too in the 1930s and indeed in a very good positional fashion against strong players. Some of those games are in the book. 

The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White - Volume 2

"A Complete Opening Repertoire for White 4.e3"

I have worked with the best, or perhaps it's better to say that I have learned from the best; that's how I can best describe this book, because I spent some time with Svetozar Gligoric in the early 2000s and the Nimzo-lndian was also present. I can't really say that we went into great detail, but we certainly did discuss various systems. This book in particular is about the Rubinstein 4.e3 systems. Same of the material has been analyzed in my earlier book on the QGD and Nimzo, while some other material is presented in Volume 1 in this short series, which covers the Nimzo with 4.Bd2 and 4.Qc2. From other published books I used Gligoric's book on the Nimzo-lndian and Ivan Sokolov's book on the Nimzo with 4.e3. I found bath books useful.


The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White - Volume 1 + 2

Auteur / Author: Milos Pavlovic
Pagina's / Pages: 706
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2023
Type: 2x Paperback