For "French lovers", their favorite defense is equal to love. lt is easy to fall in love with specific structures, to learn to be patient and to have the gift of understanding chess! 

The dance by Black's pieces during deep middlegame is often the key to a deep strategy. I was only 14 when I started feeling that the French Defense would be­come my eternal companion, and this affinity has lasted almost half a century. I will forever remember my tough fights against Timman, Caruana, Speelman, Psakhis, Velimirovic, Lobron ... and I am glad to see stars such as Carlsen, Caruana, Nepom­niachtchi, Ding and So being attracted to playing the French. 

I have really enjoyed reading this book. lt is divided into three parts and it is expertly conceived. Zlatanovic and Jacimovic have regularly played their favorite opening for decades and they have a great sense of the nuances. Boroljub radiates creativ­ity, energy, understanding, a talent in tactical clashes and a strong desire to win. How beautiful is his victory against the strong grandmaster Ante Brkic! I witnessed Boroljub's triumphs in tournaments facing famous grandmasters. He is indeed an eminent coach and author. 

Dragoljub's pieces are always on the right spots, guided by the hand of a skilled strategist. Our meetings at tournaments and conversations about "our opening" were a treat for me. I enjoyed watching his victory over the European champion Macieja- another shining moment of the French Defense! Dragoljub's performance at the Olympiad in lstanbul in 2000 was a great achievement, when he won the gold medal for his results on the third board! 
1 am glad to see the authors devote an entire chapter to rare systems. Such varia­tions may cause you to feel uncomfortable if you are not well prepared. The book is a valuable guide for chess players who play the French Defense and those who are about to fall in love with this defense. 

The book is authentic and is to be recommended. lt is a delight for me and has motivated me to "dive into the French whirlpools" once again. Both less devoted players and strong grandmasters will read this book with great enthusiasm. 

Grandmaster Milan Drasko, Serbia, January 2023 

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The French Defense Revisited (Hardcover)

Auteur / Author: Dragoljub Jacimovic/Boroljub Zlatanovic
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2023
Type: Hardcover