Solving puzzles is one of the most pleasant training exercises there are.

This book of chess puzzles is intended for novice players who can already see simple mates and direct captures, but now wish to move up a level.

The book, containing 275 puzzles, begins with fairly simple tasks and ends with a set of puzzles that are somewhat more challenging.

All of the puzzles are provided with explanations fo facilitate the understanding of what happened and the assimilation of tactical patterns.

006 Notation and Symbols
007 Introduction
009 Chapter 1 - The Main Tactical Themes
029 Chapter 2 - Basic level puzzles
067 Solutions for Chapter 2
105 Chapter 3 - Intermediate level puzzles
134 Solutions for Chapter 3
176 Chapter 4 - 29 challenges
185 Solutions for Chapter 4
203 Maximum score: 166 points
204 The author

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Your second chess book

Auteur / Author: Zenon Franco
Pagina's / Pages: 204
Uitgever / Publisher: Zenon Franco
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: Paperback