"A collection of gentle chess delights"

What is a ‘bedtime’ chess ending?

You have had a difficult day, at work or wherever, and you want something to help you relax. You want something that looks simple but demands unexpectedly subtle play. You don’t want complicated and artificial positions, and you certainly don’t want lengthy and detailed analyses. You want something which is easily absorbed but leaves a sense of delight.

You will find it here. You will find classic positions, which gave you a thrill the first time you saw them and still give pleasure when you see them again. You may also find positions new to you, with their own subtleties and surprises. And all this will be done with just two kings and a few pawns.

You wanted something to help you relax. You have it.

A Book of Bedtime Pawn Endings

Auteur / Author: John Beasley
Pagina's / Pages: 127
Uitgever / Publisher: John Beasley
Jaar / Year: 2023
Type: Paperback