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Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol. 7 - Dynamic Catalan

Many young top-players are opting for the trendy “Dynamic Catalan” where, against the triangle or semi-slav structures, White can sacrifice a pawn to gain immediate initiative. This sacrifice can lead to long term positional advantage, but often White can unleash dangerous threats upon the black king with a central pawn break.

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol. 8 - French – Winawer

The French is a complex opening and can lead to a wide variety of middlegames. The Winawer after 3...Bb4 is Black’s most proactive option, immediately weakening White’s pawn structure by doubling their c-pawns. While Black gets to play against the weak square d4, White often gets attacking chances on the kingside and a space advantage. Structurally, this line can lead to closed positions after ...c4, or open and dynamic play by white’s structural exchange dxc5. “My game selection is aimed at explaining the most important plans of these strategically complex positions.” (Author GM Ivan Sokolov)

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol. 9 - French – Tarrasch

In the Tarrasch variation, White seems to be doing great, but initial evaluations can be deceptive and Black certainly has trumps, creating complicated and fascinating positions. “The French´s household-name proponent is the legendary Victor Kortschnoj - arguably the best player to have never become world champion - so naturally, I have included a number of his games.” He played these positions in two of his World Championship matches in 1978 & 1981 against Anatoly Karpov - who many consider to be the most precise player against isolated pawns - not losing a single game. French middlegames are very rich and tricky to master, but with this video course you will gain a better positional understanding and learn precise strategic planning.

Understanding Middlegame Strategies: Vol 7 - 9

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Presentator / Presenter: Ivan Sokolov
Uitgever / Publisher: Chessbase
Jaar / Year: 2023
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