Grandmaster Vlado Kovačević is an expert in the field of chess endgame theory, offering an educational approach for players of various skill levels. The first of seven books, spanning 304 pages, provides a definite guide to pawn endgames. The book is organized based on the number of pawns in the endgame, creating a clear division for readers. Kovačević’s focus is on the clear explanation of rules and guidelines rather than mere memorization, striving to practically prepare his readers for possible pawn endgames.

Through examples, Kovačević explains fundamental motifs in pawn endgames such as opposition, the square rule, triangulation, and more. Pawn endgames stand out for their exactness, demanding precise calculations with no room for error, as evident in the examples covered in the book. Each example provided in the book comes with comprehensive analysis, offering readers a resource they can rely on to master pawn endgames with minimal additional effort.

Kovačević’s breakdown of scenarios ensures that readers have a thorough understanding that will serve them up to the grandmaster level.


Pawn Endgames

Auteur / Author: Vlado Kovacevic
Pagina's / Pages: 304
Uitgever / Publisher: Chess Fortress
Jaar / Year: 2023
Type: Hardcover