In this book, the authors aim to assist the reader in becoming better at finding combinations, constructing plans, and calculating long, forcing variations. For the purpose of instruction, the material is based on the output of the brilliant endgame composer and player Herman Mattison (1894-1932), using his endgame compositions from various works and publications as well as several of his practical endgames from games entirely too short career.

Foreword by International Master Paul Littlewood
Part I: White Wins Studies
Part II: Drawing Studies
Part III: Mattison's Over-the-Board-Endings
Index of joint composers
Index of opponents

Stark Beauty - The Endgame Studies of Mattison

Auteur / Author: Cyrus Lakdawala/Carsten Hansen
Pagina's / Pages: 122
Uitgever / Publisher: CarstenChess
Jaar / Year: 2024
Type: Paperback