One of the most effective ways to improve your chess understanding is to know where your pieces belong and how to adapt when the board situation changes. When there’s no forced tactics, one must formulate a plan for what to do. Instead of looking for a win or advantage, it’s often easier to identify a piece that can improve its position and function. Even improving your worst piece is a simple concept that avoids assessment insecurity.

And who better to learn from, than one of the best trainers in the world? RB Ramesh has trained thousands of chess players including the top players in the world. He’s the trainer of rising Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa, and he helps many improving Indian Juniors attain the highest level. He has carefully selected examples that underline the importance of regrouping your pieces and giving you rules of thumb which are easy to remember.

  • Video running time: More than 4 hours
  • Instructive examples
  • Extra: Database with exercises & Training with ChessBase apps – Play key positions against Fritz on various levels
  • Including download & stream for iPad, tablet etc: can be unlocked with imprinted key 

RB Ramesh is RB Ramesh is aan Indian Grandmaster from Chennai who is famous for his Chess Academy “Chess Gurukul”. He has nurtured numerous talents and formed Grandmasters to the very World Elite. His most well-known student is Praggnanandhaa, who is the currently no.13 in the World, and will be competing in the Candidates tournament in 2024. You can share in his immense knowledge now in this Fritztrainer series.

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Improve your pieces - a winning system you need to know

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Presentator / Presenter: RB Ramesh
Uitgever / Publisher: Chessbase
Jaar / Year: 2024
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