What does a chess player need who is familiar with the rules, but often gets into trouble right away in the opening? This question was the starting point for the authors before they began to compile the material for a book about the English Opening.

As their work progressed, they realized that there was too much material to be accommodated in a single work. That's why they decided to divide it into two volumes. Volume 1 deals with the Symmetrical Variation, which is characterized by the moves c2-c4 and c7-c5. It is presented in an introduction and 6 following chapters, which are designed according to the guidelines of the series 'read – understand – play'.

The opening lines are explained in detail, with the authors paying special attention to the presentation of the inherent ideas and plans to ensure that the reader understands them properly instead of just playing moves learned by heart. Even the meaning and purpose of a single move may be explained, insofar as it is important for understanding.

Based on the knowledge that the reader will surely acquire by studying this book, he will be able to use the discussed Symmetrical Variation with the white and the black pieces in an appropriate way. At the same time, the work offers one or the other new idea that can surprise even an experienced opponent and promises interesting, entertaining and – last but not least – successful chess games.

The correctness of the treated lines was checked with the help of leading engines.

FM Jerzy Konikowski has published a large number of excellent opening books. Uwe Bekemann is a national master in correspondence chess. He is the author of books on gambits and the co-author of many others.

The English Opening Vol 1: Symmetrical Variation

Auteur / Author: Jerzy Konikowski\Uwe Bekemann
Pagina's / Pages: 180
Uitgever / Publisher: Joachim Beyer verlag
Jaar / Year: 2024
Type: Paperback