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While today, Reginald Pryce Michell (1873-1938) is largely forgotten, he was a quiet giant of his time. A leading British master, he beat all nationally leading players from Blackburne and Atkins to Golombek, as well as internationally renowned players such as Bogoljubow, Reti and Sultan Khan, and drew former, reigning, and future world champions such as Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, and Botwinnik.

His best individual result was in Margate 1923, where he shared second place with Alekhine and Bogoljubow. As a team player, Michell was part of the team that won bronze in the 1927 Chess Olympiad.

In 1947, Julius Du Mont, then editor of British Chess Magazine, wrote a biography on Michell with a selection of his games. The annotations to the original game selection have been considerably expanded, and another thirty thoroughly annotated games have been added by Carsten Hansen.


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005 R. P. Michell
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Reginald Pryce Michell (Hardcover)

Auteur / Author: Julius Du Mont/Carsten Hansen
Pagina's / Pages: 348
Uitgever / Publisher: CarstenChess
Jaar / Year: 2024
Type: Hardcover