Every serious trainer must insist on strategy work, because strategy will be a powerful and probably decisive weapon against players who neglected it in their own chess study. That was my motivation to write this book, to present crucial elements and principles of strategy and to reveal its secrets to you, dear reader. After careful study of the book you will be fully equipped with strategic concepts, patterns and definitely you will catch “how it works” in chess game.

  •     Key concepts of chess Strategy
    • Center, Open lines, Bishop pair, Squares, Space
  •     Pawn structures
    • Passed pawn, Hanging pawns, Pawn majority, Doubled pawns, Isolated pawns, Backward pawn, Pawn chains, Pawn Islands and weaknesses

  • Principels of chess strategy

    • Harmony, Activity and Initiative, Restriction and Prophylactic play

From the Foreword by GM Dragoljub Jacimovic:

I know that this book has been prepared for a long time, and being familiar with the author’s methodology and the huge number of games from which he selected the most instructive jewels, I truly believe that this work will be an exemplary book worthy of every praise and highly useful to players of different categories.

Chess Strategy - Revealed

Auteur / Author: Boroljub Zlatanovic
Pagina's / Pages: 250
Uitgever / Publisher: Informant Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2024
Type: Hardcover