The return in 1992 of American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer against his old rival Boris Spasskyreawakened interest in the games of one of the most determined World Champions of all time. To Fischer chess is a highly competitive sport which requires not only meticulous opening preparation, a high state of tactical alertness and perfect technique, but also a constant striving for the initiative, immense will to win and even calculated risktaking.In 1972, when he won the supreme crown, he was years ahead of his time in his chess understanding and he influenced the way competitive chess is played today. By studying the deeply researched and thematically arranged materials in this book, players of all strengths will change their attitude towards the game and improve their own play.

Bobby Fischer: His Approach to Chess

Auteur / Author: Elie Agur
Pagina's / Pages: 276
Uitgever / Publisher: Everyman Chess
Jaar / Year: 1992
Type: Paperback