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Coaching Kasparov, Volume II: The Assassin (1982-1990)

"Year by Year and Move by Move" Link naar aanbieding deel I + II ******************************************
This book includes 20…

Alexander Nikitin
Bobby Fischer Rediscovered

“Bobby Fischer…The precision and energy that he played with is unmatched in the history of chess.” Magnus Carlsen,…

Andrew Soltis
Schach Problem 02/2020

Schach Problem ist ein Schachbuch, das Spaß macht: 100 Schach-Taktikaufgaben von "einfach" bis "Bundesliga"-Niveau. Für jeden ist etwas…

How and When to Break the Rules in Chess

Two great books from the Everyman Chess Library, Play Unconventional Chess and Win by Noam A. Manellla and…

Noam Manella/Zeev Zohar
Your Chess Battle Plan

One of the most challenging tasks in a chess game is to find the correct strategy. It is…

Neil McDonald
Cambridge Springs 1904

Ein Turnierbuch der Extraklasse mit 78 Abbildungen und 120 z.T. ausführlich kommentierten Partien. Der Autor hat vor…

Michael Dombrowsky
A Modern Approach against the Sicilian, Vol. 1 + 2

Do you not have time to follow the latest and most aggressive developments in the main lines of…

Jan Werle
A Modern Approach against the Sicilian, Vol.1: The Rossolimo Variation

Link naar Bundel aanbieding deel 1 + 2 Do you not have time to follow…

Jan Werle
A Modern Approach against the Sicilian, Vol.2: The Moscow Variation

Link naar Bundel aanbieding deel 1 + 2 Do you not have time to follow the latest…

Jan Werle
Chess Calculation Training for Kids and Club Players - Level 1 - Checkmating

I spent quite some time in recent years writing the Chess Calculation Training series, which was aimed at…

Romain Edouard
Houtenschaakset voor blinden en slechtzienden, KH 65

De donkere velden zijn verhoogd en alle donkere schaakstukken hebben bovenaan een punt zodat de verschillen door aanraking…

The Chess GPS 2

"Your Move - Your Choice, Volume 2 of the Chess GPS Series." The Chess GPS 2…

Michael Khodarkovsky/Sam Palatni
New In Chess Magazine 2020/1

8 The life of leisure
A virtuoso painting by Georges Croegaert (1848-1923). 10 NIC’s Café
A winner…

NIC Editorial team
Mental Toughness in Chess

"Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset at the Board"  Being a winner in chess requires…

Werner Schweitzer
Practical Chess Puzzles

"600 Positions to Improve Your Calculation and Judgment" Chess puzzle books are undoubtedly popular –…

Grandmaster Ivan Bukavshin

"A Chess Prodigy’s Career in 64 Games" Ivan Bukavshin, born in Rostov-on-Don in 1995, was a Russian…

Jakov Geller
The Complete Bogo-Indian Defense

International Master Maxim Chetverik’s book covers the Bogo-Indian Defense which is normally arrived at after the moves 1.d4…

Maxim Chetverik
Yakov Vilner

"First Ukrainian Chess Champion and First USSR Chess Composition Champion: A World Champion's Favorite Composers" …

Sergei Tkachenko
Houten Schaakset No: 6, KH 96 mm, Wenge de luxe

Houten Schaakstukken No: 6, KH 96 mm, Staunton de Luxe met kartonnen doos Fabrikant:       Chopra …

Chess Informant 142 + CD (Adventure Countdown)

Sokolov – European Team Championships Gormally – Danny’s Chess Diary Ivanisevic – FIDE Grand Swiss and…

Chess Informant
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