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New In Chess Magazine 2024/3

6 Lasker’s Last Stand
A stellar line-up for the New York International Chess Tournament 1924. 8 NIC’s…

NIC Editorial team
Chess Strategy - Revealed

Every serious trainer must insist on strategy work, because strategy will be a powerful and probably decisive weapon…

Boroljub Zlatanovic
Delchev’s Practical Opening Repertoire Vol. 1

"Volume 1 – Scandinavian, Pirc & Modern Defenses" For over 15 years it has been known that…

Alexander Delchev
The Modernized Semi-Slav

I rarely using the name Semi Slav to describe this opening, I prefer to call it the Meran…

Milos Pavlovic
Middlegame Secrets - Vol. 3: The Career Paths of Bishops

For a chess player, chess pieces are like specific tools in a toolbox. We need to know how…

Jan Markos
Exploit and Triumphs in Europe of Paul Morphy

After having conquered chess America, Paul Morphy issued a challenge to European chess players and traveled there to…

Frederick Milne Edge
Reginald Pryce Michell

While today, Reginald Pryce Michell (1873-1938) is largely forgotten, he was a quiet giant of his time. A…

Julius du Mont
Reginald Pryce Michell (Hardcover)

"Expanded Edition" While today, Reginald Pryce Michell (1873-1938) is largely forgotten, he was a quiet giant of…

Julius du Mont
None Shall Pass: The Unbeatable Damiano Petroff

Everyone knows that the Petroff is one of Black's most solid options to King's Pawn openings, which has…

Cyrus Lakdawala/Carsten Hansen
Move by Move

This is a collection of the most compelling life lessons chess has taught me over the past forty…

Maurice Ashley
A practical repertoire for the positional player after 1.d4

Are you tired of facing long engine lines and well-known theoretical complications? Then I have something interesting for…

Sipke Ernst

Dieses Buch ist eine Hommage an das Frauenschach. Es räumt auch gründlich mit dem Vorurteil auf, dass Mädchen…

Dagobert Kohlmeyer
The Big Book of Chess Tactics

The Big Book of Chess Tactics is a comprehensive book about chess tactics. The first main part deals…

István Pongó
My System (Fast Track Edition)

"100 Years Later, Nimzovich Is Still Good for Your Chess!" Almost a century ago, a chess book…

Alex Fishbein
ChessBase Magazine 219 (+DVD)

Highlights From the top tournament Prague Masters 2024 with analyses by Abdusattorov, Navara, Nguyen, Praggnanandhaa and many more to Jan Marko's…

Dominate the Scandinavian Defence

"Expert Strategies for White" Unlock the secrets to confronting the Scandinavian Defence, a favourite choice for club…

Luis Engel
Knight Endgames Workbook

Knight Endgames Workbook comprises 300 knight endgame exercises curated by GM Branko Tadić. These tests are categorized based…

Branko Tadić
Knight Endgames

"GM Endgames Collection II" Discover the hidden secrets of chess in its knight endgames! While many focus…

Vlado Kovacevic
Rock Solid with the Queenʼs Indian Defence

The Queen’s Indian Defence is a well-known opening for black and has remained popular and mainstream at the…

Luke Leon Mendonca
Making My Move

"The Autobiography of a Chess Grandmaster and FIDE Executive" Victor Bologan is not only a strong and…

Victor Bologan
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