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New In Chess Magazine 2020/5

6 Dream position Organizers of summer tournaments long for the moment when they can welcome their guests…

NIC Editorial team

Schaaknovelle is het bekendste verhaal van Stefan Zweig en misschien ook wel zijn spannendste. Aan boord van een…

Stefan Zweig
Tatwaffe Springer

Anfänger halten ihn für tückisch, fürchten, ja hassen ihn, selbst Meister hält er oft genug auf Trapp und…

Martin Weteschnik
Eröffnungen - Damengambit

"lesen - verstehen - spielen" Was braucht der Schachspieler, wenn er die Spielregeln beherrscht, aber in zu…

Jerzy Konikowski/Uwe Bekemann
The Modernized French Defense - Volume 1 + 2

"Offer volume 1 + 2 with 10% discount" The Modernized French Defense - Volume…

David Miedema
The Modernized Marshall Attack

"Including extra chapters on the Anti-Marshall & Exchange RL" This book is about the Marshall…

Milos Pavlovic
The Modernized French Defense - Volume 2 - Against the Tarrasch

The Tarrasch variation of the French Defense is reached after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2. This is…

David Miedema
The Carlsen Variation - A New Anti-Sicilian

Rattle your opponents from the get-go! How do you change the Sicilian Defense in your favor? …

Carsten Hansen
The Exciting Budapest Gambit

The Budapest Gambit is an exciting and fun way to play against 1 d4 and 2 c4 – replying with…

Simon Williams
Der Torre-Angriff nach 1.d4 Sf6 2.Sf3 g6 3.Lg5

Dem Mexikaner Carlos Torre verdanken wir den Torre-Angriff, markiert durch die Anfangszüge 1. d4, 2. Sf3 und 3. Lg5. Im…

Elisabeth Pähtz
The Modernized Modern Defense

Playing the Modern Defense with any regularity is a sign that you truly love chess. From  the  very …

Daniel Fernandez
The Power of Defence and the Art of Counterattack in 64 Pictures

A tale of 64 magical squares in 64 shrewdly created pictures. Many a book delved deep into the…

Nikola Nestorovic\Dejan Nestorov
The Nemesis - Geller's Greatest Games

"Paperback versie: link naar hardcover editie" Efim Geller (1925-1998) was one of the giants of Soviet chess.…

Efim Geller
Soviet Outcast

"Paperback version: link to hardcover edition" Grigory Levenfish was twice Soviet Champion and drew a match with…

Grigory Levenfish
Small Steps 2 Success

"Paperback version: link to hardcover edition" Pawn play is a fundamental aspect of chess strategy, yet often…

Sam Shankland
The Anand Files

"Paperback version: link to Hardcover edition" The Anand Files offers a detailed insight into the strategies Viswanathan…

Michiel Abeln
Schach Kalender 2021 A4

Wandkalender mit herrlichen Farbmotiven zum Thema Schach. Mit Jahresübersicht für 2021 14 Seiten, Abmessung ca. 21…

The Greenbecker Gambit

'I only feel truly alive when the chess clock is ticking and the patterns on the squares in…

Ben Graff
Bobby Fischer Against the World

Bobby Fischer against the World is a feature documentary that uses the narrative tension of the 1972 match…

Liz Garbus
Chess Informant 144 Jubilee (+CD)

Matanovic Jubilee – A Tribute to Chess Legend Rogers - Keres Memorial 1985 (Rogers’ Reminiscences) Harikrishna…

Chess Informant
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