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The Power of Tactics Part 1 + 2

The Power of Tactics Volume 1: Tactics according to Smyslov The Power of…

Adrian Mikhalchishin
Greatest Puzzles 2019

Greatest 460 Puzzles - Part 1 Greatest 468 Puzzles -…

Csaba Balogh
Coaching Kasparov, Volume I + II

In Coaching Kasparov, Year by Year and Move by Move Garry Kasparov’s long-term coach, second and mentor Alexander…

Alexander Nikitin
A Modern Approach against the Sicilian, Vol. 1 + 2

Do you not have time to follow the latest and most aggressive developments in the main lines of…

Jan Werle
Caro-Kann - Berliner Geheimvarianten Band 1 + 2

Der dänischen Schachlegende Bent Larsen wird bekannterweise das ironische Zitat zugeschrieben: „Wenn du Caro-Kann in jungen Jahren spielst,…

Marco Baldauf
Monster your endgame planning - Volume 1 + 2

Monster your endgame planning - Volume 1   The MYEP series off er training on…

Efstratios Grivas
Small Steps 1 + 2

Deel 1: Small Steps to Giant Improvement "Master Pawn play in Chess" In chess you cannot take…

Sam Shankland
Monster your endgame planning - Volume 1

Link naar aanbieding deel 1 + 2 The MYEP series off er training on a vital subject,…

Efstratios Grivas
Chess Middlegame Strategies Volume 1-3

Readers will see that the vast majority of the games selected belong to the works of ‘contemporary artists’.…

Ivan Sokolov
Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame/Endgame

"Beide delen samen met 10% korting" Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame

Alexey Dreev
Monster your middlegame Planning - Volume 1 + 2

Deel 1 The MYMP offers training on a vital subject, the choice of the ‘best’…

Efstratios Grivas
An attacking Repertoire with 1.d4 - Part 1 + 2

"10% korting op deel 1 en 2 samen" Part 1 This is a high-level opening choice…

Nicholas Pert
Play the Dutch! Part 1 + 2

"Deel 1 en 2 samen met 10% korting" Play the Dutch! Part 1 When one answers…

Tibor Károlyi
My Great Predecessors, Part 1-5

All Five volumes of Garry Kasparov's history of World Chess Champions from William Steinitz, in 1894, to Korchnoi…

Garry Kasparov
100 Endgames You Must Know + Workbook

100 Endgames You Must Know (new and improved edition) Jesus de la Vila…

Jesus de la Villa
Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player Volume 1 + 2

"10% korting bij aankoop van delen 1 +2"  Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player…

Robert Ris
The Modernized Najdorf

The Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defence is so popular that the total number of games played in…

Milos Pavlovic
DGT Smart Board zonder coördinaten + Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces +DGT PI

The DGT Smart Board is the new addition to the DGT the range of electronic chess…

2x Fabiano Caruana

Caruana: Move by Move
Uitgever: Everyman Chess Italian-American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana is the perfect role model for…

Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Opening - Volume 1 t/m 9

These books are a collection of games played by the best players in the world in which either White…

Carsten Hansen
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